Grad students, Mike Kramer and Carrie Jernigan, fall in love and life seems idyllic. But when they suddenly discover that their backgrounds are more dissimilar than either had realized, Mike and Carrie set out on a journey to prove their love is strong enough to overcome not only the cultural and religious differences of many generations, but the surprising tests life brings as well.

Marilyn Thomas takes the colorful threads of love, family, history, faith, forgiveness, and reconciliation and weaves an intriguingly beautiful tapestry that tells a timeless tale. From Eastern North Carolina to the narrow streets of Bucharest and Jerusalem, the journeys of two families intertwine in a truly fascinating love story.

The long-awaited sequel to The Gentile and the Jew is here!  From an exotic honeymoon in Israel on the shores of the Red Sea, Mike and Carrie Kramer return to the States ready to settle down in Chapel Hill, N.C., where Mike plans to complete his master’s in journalism at UNC. Upon arrival in New York, Daniel Silverman, Mike’s former boss whisks the newlyweds away to Manhattan for a twenty-four hour layover they’ll never forget. Events transpire that could dramatically upset the couple’s well-planned future.

No longer content to be players in the background, the beloved characters of The Gentile and the Jew emerge front and center in Going Home. From Rachel and Isaac Kramer’s small family in Wilmington, North Carolina, to the Safron family, Rachel’s newly discovered relatives in Israel, and from Romanian Rabbi Abraham Wasserman to New York’s Becca Brody and Daniel Silverman, their lives rise dramatically to the surface of this fascinating tapestry woven together by a strong underlying thread. Theirs is truly a divine journey home. 

Though Sweet Beulah Land is entirely fiction, the characters and events are true to life of rural eastern North Carolina, circa 1900. This was an era when tobacco was king in the small village of Beulah. Folks married, had babies, worked hard and enjoyed a little bit of fun here and there. From the farm of Jeb and Sarah Jane Gresham to the country store of Nate and Laney Gresham, the stories of the citizenry of Beulah are deeply intertwined in a homespun tale of heartache, hope, and humor.

While Sarah Jane Gresham has dreams for her daughter, Hannah, becoming a “practical” nurse, Jeb has dreams of getting his tobacco crops to Kinston so as to feed his household. And while Nate and Laney Gresham are awash in the love that builds a family, Kate Gresham finds herself married off to a young doctor and not too happy about it, either.

Murder, mystery, love, adversity and faith—Sweet Beulah Land has it all. For the reader whose roots grow deep in the rich soil of eastern North Carolina, each page is filled with precious memories of a bygone day. For those who hail from other regions of America the Beautiful, the book offers an open door to visit a unique people who become vibrantly alive in this delightful tale of trial and triumph! 

Available in E-book, Hardback and Soft Cover

Feel the need to get away from it all? Come take a trip to Italy with a delightful group of friends, Seven Sisters, as they call themselves. The "sisters" no more than enter the airport in Rome when surprising events begin to overrun their long-awaited vacation.

In the delightful tradition of Fannie Flagg and Ann B. Ross, Thomas's characters seem as familiar as the neighbors next door or perhaps your very own best friends. From the regal Diana to the child-like Christmas, each of the sisters adds her own special flavor to this enchanting tale laced with adventure, hilarity, mystery and romance.

Arrivederchi, Y'all is the first in the Sisters Together Forever Series

Available in E-book and Soft Cover


Boy meets girl takes on a curious twist when regimented Dan Grainger sets out to find the weird and wonderful girl he spotted sitting in a booth on the other side of Stan’s Diner.  On that unusually cold night in October, Dan and Jeannie’s story begins. As opposite as two people could possibly be on the outside, Dan & Jeannie discover their wounded hearts as well as their inner needs are surprisingly similar. Delightfully humorous and deeply poignant, their story might just introduce you to the two most interesting people you’ve met in quite a while! 

E-book only
Sweet Beulah Land
The Seven Sisters are at it again...accidentally, of course! Their plans for a quiet, calm, lovely and peaceful autumn vacation at Marnie's cottage in Kure Beach, North Carolina, soon fly south for the winter. When Suzanne happily prods her friends into a simple, fun-filled evening, they stumble into a one-hundred-and-fifty-year-old mystery and from that night on, nothing is as it seems.

CAPE FEAR CONNIPTIONS is the second book in the Sisters Together Forever Series. Paperback and E-book available NOW at your favorite bookstore whether online or in your neighborhood. Click on the Events page for other Eastern NC stores that keep our books in stock.
Going Home
We are re-publishing THE GENTILE AND THE JEW under a new title THE JOURNEY BEGINS, A Love Story. We think it fits perfectly and flows beautifully with the book's sequel, GOING HOME. With a new title, we decided to give the book a face lift as well. The paperback plus an E-book should be available in a couple of weeks. Check back for updates!
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